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The great front door color debate has been ongoing for the last few months.  My fiancé and I purchased a beautiful new construction home, and I was able to pick out the colors of most things like the siding, the front door, the flooring, and the cabinets.  I love the color gray and that it is on-trend.  I do love a good pop of color, but I feel like the neutrals allow you to change the look of your space by changing less expensive items such as curtains and rugs instead of cabinets and flooring.  Before any of my personal items were inside of the home, it was bland.  Everything was gray!  Except for the front door.  The builder had an option for us to have a red front door, and I ran with it.  Growing up, I always (and still do) loved the look of the traditional colonial style home in all-white complete with columns, black accents, and a bright red door.  I was excited to have a red door of my own.  I had always believed that it was a sign of welcome.  In early America, if a family had a red door that meant that weary travelers were welcome to stop and rest along their journey.  The 6 months of construction goes by, and I finally have my red door.  Yay!  But then I realize that everyone else building in the community was just as excited as I was and also chose a red door.  If I look out from my front porch, you can see 12 other houses with the same front door color.  All the houses have a similar look.  I suppose you could say, “That’s what to expect when purchasing in a new home community.”  And you would be somewhat right.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t do something to change it, right?  So, with my very gray exterior, I started to think about door colors that would add a pop of color.  I need something with a little personality, but not anything too over the top.  My mother suggested teal, but it just doesn’t fit my style.  My mind immediately turned to yellow.  It is my favorite color after all.  And not a light pastel yellow.  I was thinking more along the lines of a rich golden yellow.  I was thinking that with changing the door to yellow, I could paint my darker gray shutters black giving the home good contrast and creating a look that is a little different than my neighbors' homes.  I went onto Paint 3D and changed the shutters to black and the front door to yellow and sent the picture out to all my close friends and family to get their feedback.  Everyone overwhelmingly voted for the red door.  I am aware that it is my front door, and I can do whatever I want to it, within the confines of the ARB board, of course, but you value your friends and loved one’s opinions.  And that brings us here.  I have the picture that I sent out added so you all can weigh in.  Which one do you like better?   

Front Door Color Change        

April 23, 2021

Funplex Plans for Spring Debut in Myrtle Beach!

In early May, a new Myrtle Beach attraction is expected to open along Ocean Boulevard and 15th Avenue North. The Funplex, a new amusement park that crews began working on last October, is tentatively scheduled to welcome families in the park on May 3. The new, multimillion-dollar Myrtle Beach amusement park will feature a tropical theme, seven family rides as well as a walk-up bar. The upcoming Myrtle Beach Funplex will mark the first Funplex outside of New Jersey, where two parks are located. Funplex has taken to social media to unveil the names of new rides that will be available in Myrtle Beach. Soon, Myrtle Beach residents and visitors will be able to try out “Sky Velocity,” where riders experience weightlessness as you twist, turn up and back down 65 feet. You'll be treated to ocean and beachfront views as you ride. Additionally, the Myrtle Beach Funplex will be home to a 50-foot flight simulator, the first of its kind in North America. Get in the cockpit and take off with your favorite co-pilot as you experience the thrill of soaring through the air during this interactive ride. Visit to learn more about the latest news and updates about Funplex in Myrtle Beach!


March 26, 2021

Inlet Bar-B-Que Opening Soon!

Hungry for a new barbeque spot in Murrells Inlet? Here's some news that will have you licking your lips. Inlet Bar-b-que is slated to open in a few weeks at the former Prosser’s BBQ joint at the corner of Highway 17 Business and Sunnyside Avenue. The new barbeque restaurant in town is owned by Stacy Mims. Mims is in the process of renovating part of the building and bringing his equipment into the space. He hopes to continue the legacy left behind by the wildly popular Prosser’s BBQ, which served customers at 3750 Highway 17 for nearly 30 years.

When it opens, customers can expect to see familiar menu options, as well as familiar faces from Prosser's. The business model and buffet style of Inlet Bar-b-que is similar to the former eatery that called the Highway 17 restaurant home, as it features home-cooked country food. Plus, Mims, who is no stranger to the restaurant industry, as he also owns Schoolhouse Barbeque in Scranton, has rehired some of Prosser’s employees.

While there's no exact opening date set for Inlet Bar-b-que, customers can expect a mid-April opening. According to Mims, the plan is to start by being open Wednesday through Sunday and eventually opening things up to seven days per week if business is good. Be sure to check this new barbeque spot out when it opens!

March 12, 2021

Brookgreen Gardens Unveils New Indoor Exhibition Space

On February 27, Brookgreen Gardens unveiled The Brenda and Dick Rosen Galleries as a celebration of its 90th anniversary. The gardens’ newest indoor exhibition space debuted with an expansive first exhibit called "Wild World: 200 Years of Nature in Art." The exhibit encompasses four separate gallery spaces, all decorated with 200 years worth of paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and historic objects reflecting the world of wild and domestic animals, native plants, and the history of the Brookgreen property.

The Brenda and Dick Rosen Galleries are located where the Brookgreen Welcome Center formerly was. These galleries will present permanent exhibits as well as traveling ones. The inaugural exhibit, "Wild World: 200 Years of Nature in Art," will be on display until May 23. Just some of the many animal paintings and sculptures you'll find in the exhibit include buffalo, birds and dogs. There are also a handful of Lowcountry historical relics such as the grand piano that once belonged to the founders of Brookgreen.

According to Page Kiniry, president and CEO of Brookgreen Gardens, the garden is thrilled to present this new space to visitors. Now, Brookgreen can offer visitors even more significant collections of sculpture and other art mediums. To learn more about Brookgreen Gardens and its new indoor exhibition space, check out

Brookgreen Gardens

May 13, 2020

Buying or Selling a Home in the Time of a Pandemic

Buying or Selling a Home in the Time of a Pandemic

You might be wondering if now would be the time to buy or sell your home?  If you live along The Grand Strand in the Myrtle Beach area, the answer would be yes! 


While we are living in uncertain times, and things are changing, this area is still one of the fastest growing areas in the country!  People from other areas of the country are finding new reasons to want to move to The Grand Strand.  Sure, our weather is a big help, but along with the palm trees and gorgeous beaches, people are now also looking to The Grand Strand because it is less populous than the areas that they currently live. 


The numbers indicate a strong real estate market!  The median purchase price of a single-family home in April increased 3.8 percent over April 2019 to $250,166.  Including commercial sales, real estate closings in April totaled over half a billion dollars.  With businesses in the area opening back up, we are starting to see more and more activity.  Inventory in the area is still tight so the time to sell is now!  And while you may think that the time to buy has passed you, there are still good deals available! 


Coastal Key Group prides ourselves on our full-service real estate including effective communication, local knowledge, and skilled instinct for this business.  Our most recent listings went under contract in less than a week.  Coastal Key Group is a local marketing expert, selling more than 42% quicker than the average Murrells Inlet agent.  So, give us a call!  We would be happy to help you!  843-651-KEYS


July 31, 2017

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